Today I must thank a colleague, who translated the proverb “The stitch is lost unless the thread is knotted”, that is ”Chi non fa il nodo, perde il punto”, into “La cucitura si perde finché la vite è incrociata”, that literally is “The stitch is lost unless the screw is crossed”.

The stitch is lost unless the screw is crossed


Well, to tell the truth, doing the proofreading I didn’t like at all that crossed screw immediately. But later I really enjoyed searching for the correct translation.

Below you can find links to some helpful resources I discovered. (In Italian) You can search for Italian proverbs by word. (In Italian) You can search for Italian proverbs by word. Or, you can explore this very interesting website, full of links about language and linguistics, Italian grammar, dictionaries of Italian dialects, cinema and cinematography, chat grammar, writing, webmarketing… and many, many others… Of course, I bookmarked it. (In Italian) This is a textiles and fashion related blog. I was really impressed by the sculptures of Claes Oldenburg and his wife Coosje van Bruggen, and I couldn’t resist, it was so tempting to go to Wikipedia…


…Oh, I almost forgot, I also found a bowl made from screws. If you think that you couldn’t do without it, you can find how to make a perfect bowl from screws at

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