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Clara Giampietro


Precision in translation matters.

Drive better business results with my expertise.

Clara Giampietro - Traduzioni tecniche in italiano

Are you in search of assistance with the Italian translation of English or Spanish documents—whether it’s a manual, brochure, website, article, or other text types? You deserve a translator who comprehends the profound complexity of your subject matter and is well-versed in the specific terminology of your field. That’s where I come in.

I’m Clara Giampietro, a technical translation specialist, dedicated to ensuring that your documents communicate professionally with your targeted Italian-speaking audiences and authentically reflect the value of your products and services. Over the years, I’ve been involved in numerous exceptional projects, guiding business owners to make a lasting impact and achieve long-term financial success.

As the founder of Winged Translations, my focus lies in translating technical-scientific and journalistic texts from English and Spanish into Italian, specifically in the manufacturing, technology, and architecture sectors. Driven by a profound curiosity about how things work and why, translation allows me to blend my love for languages with a passion for technology and its development in relation to the environment. In 2020, I co-founded SynergeticHub, a translation service specializing in the renewable energy sector.

To ensure your business produces results, clear, professional, and effective communication with your intended Italian-speaking audiences is crucial.

Count on my professionalism


As your translator, I'm committed to helping you communicate professionally in Italian, aligning with and surpassing your business goals.


With a robust technical knowledge base, I've been a professional translator since 2004, specializing in translating from English and Spanish into Italian within the fields of manufacturing, technology, and architecture.


I hold a quality and professional qualification certificate from AITI (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters), a founding member of the International Federation of Translators (FIT).


I explore, I research, and I'm dedicated to keep my skills and knowledge up-to-date through continuing education, ensuring top-quality translation services.

Technical-Scientific Translator
Specializing in technical-scientific translation from English and Spanish into Italian.
Winged Translations
Co-founder of Synergetic Hub, an English-Italian translation service specializing in the renewable energy sector.
Synergetic Hub
Co-founder of Synergetic Hub, an English into Italian translation service specialized in the renewable energy sector
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“Clara has done a number of technical translations for our company, and she has done them promptly and effectively.”
David R.
Technical Director - Specialist raw material suppliers to the Flavour & Fragrance Industry
“Clara Giampietro is an outstanding translator with an exceptional understanding of her customer's needs. She has a keen eye for detail and an excellent understanding of scientific/technical subjects.”
Lisa Mathiasen
Clinical Research & Marketing Associate - Medical Devices
“Grazie per la traduzione molto buona che hai consegnato. Non è stato cambiato nulla. Sei preziosa.”
Stefano D.
Managing Director - Automation Industry
“We need to translate and edit extremely technical texts, and Ms. Giampietro has been cooperating with us for many years. The quality of her work is always excellent, and her technical writing is thoroughly researched. She is extremely professional and prompt in her communication, and she never misses a deadline.”
Fulvio Anselmo
Co-founder of Anselmo Associati
“Clara is an excellent professional, very reliable, dedicated and positive. Because she has many years of experience as a translator and a varied background, she is very precise and pays great attention to detail, while still keeping in mind the work as a whole and bringing creativity to any commission.”
Viviana Bava
“Without giving any notice, I asked Clara to translate my car insurance policy as soon as possible. Clara translated the document in a very professional manner and I get no queries from the insurance company in relation to the accuracy of the document. I was very happy with Clara's work and I would recommend her services.”
Claudia Coppo
“Very good translator and deliveries always on time. Thanks Clara!”
PM - Translation Agency
“We have been cooperating with Ms. Giampietro for many years and always appreciated her professionalism, politeness, precision and punctuality - even in most complicated projects. A highly recommendable.”
PM - Translation Agency
SynergeticHub - English into Italian translation studio specialized in the renewable energy sector

I co-founded SynergeticHub, a translation service specializing in the renewable energy sector.

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VAT code: IT09282690016. ​Profession pursuant to Italian Law No. 4 of 14 January 2013, published in Italian Official Gazette No. 22 of 26 January 2013. Qualified member of the Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti – Membership No. 214093