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Professional revision services in Italian

Ensuring precision and effectiveness

Beyond spotting double spaces at a glance, revision is a meticulous process. It involves a precise examination of the translated text, comparing the Italian version with the original text in English or Spanish.

My revision service is a thorough evaluation of the following elements, ensuring your Italian document reads as if crafted by a native speaker.

Spelling, grammar, punctuation

Accuracy, terminology, completeness, smoothness, fluency, effectiveness

Layout, typography, organization of the text

In essence, the revision service encompasses the following:

  • Correcting spelling errors
  • Rectifying grammar mistakes
  • Addressing inconsistencies in terminology, referencing, and style (e.g., misuse of capitals in titles, font size, color, etc.)
  • Adjusting syntax for seamless flow, ensuring the text resonates as if composed by a native Italian speaker
  • Verifying comprehensive translation coverage
  • Validating tables, figures, and names
  • Aligning with customer specifications and instructions
  • Conducting final proofreading

Utilizing Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, you’ll have visibility into all changes and comments made to your text.

To provide an accurate quote, I assess both the source and translated texts, gaining insights into the project’s volume and complexity.

For a no-obligation quotation or a brief project discussion, feel free to contact me by filling out the form below.

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