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How it works

the process of translation

Crafting translations for manufacturing, technology, and architecture involves a nuanced process that goes beyond the mere translation of source text.

While the translation itself is a visible and crucial step, numerous tasks are equally vital, contributing to the creation of meticulously translated documents.

Wondering about my methodology?

For an insight into how I navigate and manage translation projects, explore the infographic below. It provides a structured overview of the intricate steps I undertake, starting from the receipt of texts for translation to the final delivery of the translated document to the client.

This resource is thoughtfully crafted to cater to diverse linguistic preferences, available in English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and French—all made possible through the valuable translations provided by my esteemed colleagues in their respective languages.

The Process of Translation

Traducción: Victoria Principi – Spanish translation by Victoria Principi

Перевод на русский язык Олеси Зайцевой – Russian translation by Olesya Zaytseva

Processus de traduction

Traduction : Valérie Lalonde  – French translation by Valérie Lalonde

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