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How it works

the process of translation

The translation of manufacturing, technology, and architecture texts is a complex process.

Although translating the source text is the most visible step, there are other tasks without which the whole process would not result in an accurately, professionally translated documents.

How do I work?

If you are curious to know how I manage translation projects, take a look at my infographic below. It gives a schematic overview of the various steps I go through from the receipt of the texts to be translated to the delivery of the translation to the client.

It is available in English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and French thanks to the translation made by valuable colleagues in their own languages.

The Process of Translation

Traducción: Victoria Principi. – Spanish translation by Victoria Principi

Перевод на русский язык Олеси Зайцевой. – Russian translation by Olesya Zaytseva.
Processus de traduction
Traduction : Valérie Lalonde.  – French translation by Valérie Lalonde.