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On-the-Fly Translation service


For business owners who are translating their own documents

For translators who’d like a second opinion on their work

The On-the-Fly Translation service is tailored just for you:

If you find yourself uncertain about translation nuances and terminology.

If you’re unsure about the technical jargon used in an already translated document.

If your need leans towards an oral translation – not written, but functional, meticulous, and accurate.

Whether we connect online or in person, I will verbally translate your technical documents or provide practical tips to enhance your Italian translations, resolving any doubts you may have.

With On-the-Fly Translation, I’ll assist you in:

Implementing correct and suitable terminology for your technical documents.

Crafting your documents with a clear, distinctive, and professional technical language.

Identifying (online and offline, free and paid) resources for your technical document translations.

Resolving any uncertainties about translation and terminology.

How it works

Despite not requiring a written text, translation still demands research and preparation.

Simply shoot me an email with the documents you wish to translate or your doubts regarding your own translation.

Upon receiving your request, I’ll provide you with a timeframe for the On-the-Fly Translation.

We’ll then coordinate when and how we’ll meet, be it online or in person.

Once you agree on the quote and payment is received, we’ll connect (online or in person), and I’ll verbally translate your documents and/or address your questions for the agreed-upon duration.

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