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Translation resources


The Process of Translation

An infographic giving a schematic overview of the various steps of the translation process from the receipt of the texts to be translated to the delivery of the translation to the client.

It is available in English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and French thanks to the translation made by valuable colleagues in their own languages.

Along the Paths of Translation

The Synergetic Hub blog where Simonetta Priveato and I guide you along the paths of translation.

Your Business In Italian

Tips and advice on how translation services can help you:

  • attract your target audience;
  • differentiate from your competition;
  • expand your business.

Translation: Getting It Right - Chris Durban

For non-linguists, buying translation services is often frustrating. Many buyers are not even sure they need a professional translator.

That’s where Translation: Getting It Right comes in—a straightforward brochure explaining the where, why, and how of professional translation services.

Quotes on Translation, Words, and Languages

Some of my favorite quotes on translation, words, and languages.

Shareable Inspirational Quotes

Some of my favorite inspirational quotes.

How To Market Your Translation Services With Creativity

How can you use visual content to tell your story?

In my guest post on Caroline Alberoni’s blog I write about different ways of getting creative with our translation marketing and grabbing our potential client’s attention.

I also share tips, resources and tools that will help you spark your creativity.

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